Saturday, 3 March 2012

28 hours later: back in the USSR

Febuary 25-26 was spent travelling. Our flight to Hanoi was from bangkok. So we look a bus up that boarder, spent 3 hours in 45 degrees waiting To go through customs. Sat in the back of a pick up truck, took a mini bus, took a taxi and finally 12 hours later we were at the bangkok airport! Then the waiting game begins, I had a
Lovely nap on a bench in the airport and I am being sincere it was great I slept from 2am until 430 woke up and went through customs, security etc had breakfast around 530am loaded the plane at 630am and had an extra seat to myself. Arrived in Hanoi at 830am. While we where boarding the plane I noticed everyone was wearing winter jackets- are you kidding me it's southeast Asia, i checked the weather is 20 that's warm. Kid you not its freezing. Never go from 45c to 14c it is not fun I felt like I was in Canada even in my pants, sweater and jacket I was freezing!! While waiting around for our baggage, you may notice Karl Marx and Lenin skipping around holding hands. I'm pretty sure I've seen them skipping down the streets of Hanoi. No word of a lie communism is alive and well in Vietnam and we totally forgot.

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