Saturday, 14 April 2012


Hello all! Sorry we haven't posted in a while, we have been quite busy and the Internet has been quite poor on the island. There also haven't been computers for us to use to upload photos.
The first few days we were in Bali it was the Balinese new years Nyepi! This was our third new years of 2012! So fun! This new years was quite different though because on "new years eve" they make really scary floats of evil spirits and have a big parade and make lots of noise and play music really loud. And on new years day everyone stays inside and doesn't make any noise or use electricity to make the evil spirits believe that no one is around so that they will leave. It was a pretty interesting experience except that where we were several large Australian families tried there hardest not to observe Nyepi and made as much noise as they could.

We spent a few days in Nusa Dua which is on the south east side of Bali. We hung out at the hotel cause it had a really nice pool but we also went zip lining which was fun. We went with a Canadian couple whom we met in Saigon, Bobby and Kate.

We moved to the Kuta area (the beach) and Laura took some surf lessons with the Quicksilver team and I bought a board.

Laura unfortunately got pretty bad board rash from the foam boards. As you can see her hands looked pretty bad.

Legian beach, storm surf


We also went over to the Gili islands and went diving there, it was awesome!


This place was a great surf spot. Except that it was about 3 feet deep and the coral was quite sharp.

Beach poses!


Stray cats!


Scuba lessons for Bobby and Kate
Apr├Ęs dive. Saw so many turtles. So warm and clear with lots of marine life.

This is one of the dive guides Alex. Super relaxed and helped to create a great experience.

Twilight on Gile Air


Local transportation on the Giles


Look closely. Yup, that is a scorpion which Laura found in her towel. She quickly dealt with it. It did leave a beautiful corpse though, as you can see.



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