Thursday, 19 January 2012


SO we arrived safely. We had a lovely 13 hour flight from toronto to tokyo where me and ryland lucked out and had 3 seats to the two of us. we were able to stretch out, or I was at least. We had a ton of food on the plane, which felt a bit gross after doing nothing but sitting around. Then we arrived in Tokyo in an airport that looked like it came out of an old james bond movie, as we walked down some tunnel I felt like we were about to stumble upon some awesome weapons to get to our gate. The airport sadly did not have SUSHI, anywhere. Thats okay cause we settled for rice crackers soaked in spicy soy sauce. Then our flight from Tokyo was 7 hours to Bangkok. It was not as fun as the first flight, though we did have extra leg room- yay for ryland! Our dinner was an array of various things, half of which we didn't recognize. Then we got through customs, and shared a cab with a couple from Venice to Khoa san Road. Wandered around until we found our hotel and crashed, well I crashed hard. While Ryland was up listening to the "goings-on" down the hall. Now we are off to explore Bangkok and hopefully apply for our Vietnam Visa's.

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