Friday, 20 January 2012


So we our now on our second day in Bangkok. The city is very confusing as we try to gather our bearings. It is infused with traits that remind me of Havana. We wandered around in the morning looking for the Vietnam Embassy because our map told us it was 15 minutes away. However, after an hour of wandering and almost constant harassment from tuk-tuk drivers which we expected we got in a taxi and traveled 40 min due to heavy traffic to arrive a minute after the Embassy closed until the 31st. Bummer! So we needed some food asap! we went down the road for some Soup (for Ryland, who is on a Soup Diet) and Pad Thai and some amazing spring rolls and sipped a large Chang beer. We decided to relax for the rest of the day, pool side via roof top and read. Then since Ryland needed some sleep, we went for nap, which ended up being 5 hours long. 10pm wake up, for dinner time. We went to place down the road from the hotel that was awesome. Our server was really nice and thought that it was funny that Ry knew the thai word for chicken- gai! Then we went 1 stop over for another beer and some amazing blues music; where we met a group from Dublin who we are meeting tonight to chat about traveling to Chiang Mai. No photos yet, soon to come. Just off for some breakfast.

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  1. Vietnamese New Year is the 23rd-probably why they are closed for the week. How's the weather? i'm sure that it is nicer than the deep freeze that Barrie is enjoying.