Saturday, 21 January 2012

Celine Dion! Numba 1!

So, yesterday Laura and I decided to go for a nice leisurely walk around the immediate area of our hotel. We walked down Rambuttri road past all the annoying tuk-tuk drivers, past the delicious food carts, and down to the river. I'm not sure the exact name of the river but its the big one that runs through Bangkok and out into the Gulf of Thailand. The river doesn't contain the prettiest water but its not like we were swimming in it! It was very nice down there though and there were lots of long tail boats going up and down and we were almost able to forget that we were in a city of about 10 million. We walked up and down, stopping at a nice park and an old fort that was build in the years of King Rama 1. While checking out the fort we saw a commercial being shot for an upcoming marathon in bangkok. It held up traffic pretty bad and the motorists were going bananas. We walked back to Rambuttri and had a delicious lunch down the road from our hotel. Laura had soup this time and I was really jealous. We strolled around after lunch and made our way to Khoa San road. Big mistake. Its like Times Square meets a dumpster. Barf. So many people saying Tuk-Tuk and you buy suit, very sharp. No I don't want a ride to who knows where, and no I don't need a damn suit. Last time we go to Khoa San, that's for sure. At night we met up with the group from Dublin and talked about heading up to Chiang Mai. We bought our tickets today for the train to go up there and leave tomorrow. Now we must go because the pool is calling. Cheers!

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