Monday, 6 February 2012

Big Budda Big Budda Big Budda, OH BIG BUDDA

Where do we start, so much has happened after our last blog post! We stay a few more days in Chiang Mai. Then left via BUS, trying to mix it up a bit. The bus ride was much better than the train despite some smokiness and seat mate squabbles. We knew we were back in Bangkok when at 6am you are already being harrassed into taxi and tuk-tuks. We then went to drop off our bags at the hostel and start our adventure to the vietnam embassy for the second time. The first taxi driver had no clue where we were going, after asking for directions he pulled over to use the bathroom and then kicked us out and we walked 3km to the embassy. the visa application went smoothly and we jumped back into a cab with a sweet old lady that was driving her sons cab? She tried to charge us 200B for a 90B ride. This wasn't our first time in bangkok, we had our wits about us. She also pulled over to us the bathroom, what is with taxi's weak bladders today??? Then asked for a tip, Ry said he was too cheap and took his 10B. We relaxed and met up with Meg and Aron the next day!

When the Price is too good it probably is too good. We got on a bus at 8 in the morning after booking a bus ticket to Koh Tao. We asked the lady this goes to Koh Tao, no it goes to Koh Chang then you take a boat to Koh Tao. Well that doesn't make much sense so maybe they make a stop at chumpion before Koh Chang. Well we got on the bus, had our first stop, Ry felt like we were going the wrong way, well we were stuck in the middle of no where at a sketchy gas station so the only thing to do is ride the bus till it stops. Well we ended up in the BIG Koh Chang, not the little Koh Chang. We were across the gulf of thailand. We couldn't get a cab to take us into town so we hailed a truck/taxi at the remote port to take us to the airport. Before handing over our ferry tickets in true canadian style to another canadian who was without a ferry ticket.
We arrived at the airport, which was most possibly the nicest airport in the world, hoping to sort out an inexpensive/quick way to get our trip back on track. We ended up getting a flight to Bangkok then on to Koh Samui which is the largest island in the chain of islands that Koh Tao is in. Hooray! We fixed the problem and had two amazing flights in the process. For future reference, Bangkok Airways is the best airline ever. They gave us a full dinner meal on a one hour flight. Do you hear that Air Canada?
We arrived at the Koh Samui airport and took and SUV taxi to the "only open hotel", which was beautiful and totally worth the 1600B. It was seaside and had a pool that was very enjoyable after our long trip. The next day we had amazing Pad Thai for breakfast sea side and went in the ocean before checking out and heading to the ferry for Koh Tao. But as we were checking out Ry noticed across the street a little pub that was playing the Canucks game. Yes!!! So before we got on the boat we enjoyed some french fries and gravy and a little hockey.
The boat ride to Koh Tao was very pleasant, except for the girls being called Amercians by some trashy Limeys. We arrived in Koh Tao and immediately headed to the Big Blue resort. When we got there the girls found out that their Open Water Diver course started pretty much right away. I had time to check out the "town" and do some shopping.

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