Monday, 6 February 2012

Koh Tao and hidden gems

So as of today, February 7 2012 Laura, Meg and Aron are Open Water Divers and I am an Advanced diver. We have had 3 days of diving in the warm gorgeous water around Koh Tao. Although I am slightly jealous of the girls because it seems like they had better visibility on their dives then on mine and Im feeling a little lighter in the wallet after some extra hidden costs on my course. All in all it was good though. I did a night dive and a deep dive which were pretty good.

The Open Water Course had some skills the first day and we learnt a lot did a 9m dive. The next day we went to Twins and Japanese Gardens Dive spots for two 12m dives for 45 min each. Saw some amazing fish, coral grouper, blue-spotted sting ray, white eyed moray eel etc.  The third day was the best with a 630am start we headed to Chumpon, my tank was outta air but I caught that as I was getting my equipment ready, we dove to 18m, although the depth of the site goes to 40m. Me and Meg felt a bit sea sick after the first dive as the boat was really rocking. We then went to White Rock. During our Surface Interval Time we had some tea and played ninja and jumped off the top of the boat for fun. Then dove to 14 m and did some fun skills that are all caught on video. The rest of the afternoon we spent on the beach reading, then we celebrated our course with some beers and watching our video... now off heading to a full moon party!!!


  1. I am so envious... Glad to hear that there were no shark encounters.

  2. No sharks but a lot of sea lice that stings... And they seemed to really like me.