Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Koh phi phi

So we are having trouble finding a computer that will upload our photos and well Internet in general. Right now we are in Cambodia and having been busy enjoying all the sites... We try to to catch up with our blogging...

We caught the early ferry to koh phi phi on feb 12 then took a long tail boat to the long beach it had beautiful places to stay... We stayed where an America couple told aron and meg to stay it was a gloried tin can Ahaha but in our price range- hmm sorta. I felt like I was at camp again. The rest of the day we hung out at the beach. We saw some heat lightening at night which was cool. The next day we did an island tour. We shared a long tailed boat with a family from the Czech republic they were hilarious. The first stop we went wad bamboo island for some snorkeling- I was sunburnt from krabi so ryland lent me his rash guard thank goodness because there was jelly fish everywhere. The snorkeling was unreal but ryland got stung twice on his arm and meg six times. I apparently kicked one but never got stung. We went into some rock coves and then to monkey island for lunch and had some really good pad thai on the beach there was thousands of tiny jelly fish so we couldn't go swimming. Our tour took us to maya bay, Vikings cave and other places that the "beach" was filmed. After we returned from our tour I took a shower... It wasn't until after I finished I realized I had just showered with a friend- the biggest cockroach I had ever seen. There was a group of monkeys outside our
Room and we tried to feed them the cockroach but apparently even monkeys have standards. So we headed to dinner I apparently ate some bad mushrooms. Litterally cause I was up puking the whole night from the mushroom cashew nut stir fry. I was unbelievably sick- I felt so messed up , it took a few days before I started feeling normal again.

The next day which we all forgot about was valentines day- the island was fully booked so we took a ferry back to krabi and I slept off my sickness and wrote post cards but I had some amazing food. But I am off mushrooms for a while, which is too bad because they are really good in stir fry.

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