Thursday, 16 February 2012

Full Moon Party

Feb. 7th, We had just finished up our scuba course and to celebrate what better way than a once in a life time party experience; we decided to head to Koh Phangang for the full moon party. So we started as a group of 8; the majority of our scuba group came with us. We arrived at the island just in time for the beginning of party mode with neon shorts- tee shirts I felt like I was at a predrink for a tight and bright party. We all laughed at everyone in these bright colourful outfits saying we would never submit to buying one... Little did we know that within two hours of having dinner we were all decked out in bright tee shirts. Ry bought these bright pink short shorts that matched the ones meg was rocking. Soon enough we found  that we were painting ourselves in glow in the dark paint as well. It was time to knock back a few buckets to get grooving. What left to do but hit the beach.

"The Split" It was early in the night and as a group of 8 we met up with our friends friends... our group of 8 became a group of 15. It is not easy for a group of 15 people to stick together in a small area of potentially 30,000 people. We made a plan, you had a buddy, if you got separated you were to meet at the ferry for 830am, and we were to stay in front of cactus bar for the whole night. By 10pm we were down to 7,  by midnight we were a lonely wolf-pack of 4. Meg and I went to the bathroom and to buy a drink and when we came back Aron had disappeared, she gone off to help some random guy but was with Pien ( our friend from the Netherlands). Ryland refused to let meg and I out of his sight for the rest of the night. Basically it was a wild party of pumping music, and I wasn't sure if I was over the scene or what but by 3am "I felt like the party had crapped on my soul"- Ry.  Ryland was very disgusted at the garbage that littered the beach and was washing into the ocean... no one seemed to care- this is not your bed room, learn to pick up after yourself. We had enough and by 4am we took a taxi back to the ferry and slept between what looked like a monk (turned out to be a tourist) and some locals underneath a beach side veranda. We woke up at 6am with maybe two minutes of sleep and wandered to find food. We ran into stefan (one of the guys we were with at the beginning of the night) and he filled us in on the where abouts of Aron.- Apparently Pien had a bunch of seizures and was in the hospital in Koh Samui. So we returned to Koh Tao with 5 out of 8- apparently that is pretty great odds to come back with for a full moon party says the scuba instructors. We got in contacted with Aron, she was able to come back the next day and we planned to go to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi for the last bit of our Thailand visit.

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