Thursday, 16 February 2012


February 9th. We left Koh Tao and headed to the docks at Chumpon and onward to a bus to the town of Krabi. It was a fairly uneventful journey but we did see an elephant on the side of the road and we took a large van and not a bus. Other than that though, smooth sailing and we found a HOTEL room in Krabi (The Grand Tower!) for only 350 Baat, a steal of a deal. The room boasted a great view of the karst topography along the river and a golden temple perched on a hill in the distance. Krabi is a nice little town that has some very good eats and some interesting things to check out, but it is mainly a gate way to Rai Lai beach and Koh Phi Phi. On a side note, in Thai the way you pronounce Koh Phi Phi is Go Pee Pee. HA! We had a meal at the night food market which was decent the first night, except Laura's meal never materialized and Aron found some delicious Chinese doughnuts. We decided to spend one more day in Krabi to do a four Island tour and then head to Go Pee Pee. The four island tour was nice but it was one of those things where you go to a place get off take a picture get back on go somewhere else and repeat. This was a little disappointing considering the idyllic surroundings. The first Island we visited was Koh Tup and then Chicken Island. These island are actually sort of attached by a sand bar which we waded across and then got kind of stuck because the tide had come up so we had to partially swim back. Oops. Well, I had to swim half way, and the girls swam the whole way. Ha, take that shorties. I also felt like a champ because I had a fully waterproof bag and people were struggling with holding their bags over their heads. We did some snorkeling around Chicken Island and then headed to another island that had some monkey on it. Unfortunately people were throwing stuff at the monkeys for them to catch and it was kinda sad. The last place we stopped was a mainland beach with a Buddha shrine in a cave. By the end we were all pretty tired of the tour as well as slightly crispy from sun exposure. We retreated to the hotel for some naps and aloe vera. We had dinner at a local spot (local because we were the only pale faced round eyes), Dee Dom, which was very tasty and we bought enough beers, 4, to get a free bag and our picture taken! Hooray! On our way home we watched the tail end of the Man U vs Liverpool futbol match on a big screen that was just on the street and all the locals were watching it, which was fun. We then meandered to a place called Bolero cafe where a band was playing and they were pretty darn good. They played some great oldies rock and the guitar player was a monster and the bass player was not bad either. Laura and Meg assisted the lead singer in a rousing rendition of pretty woman. After all this activity we still managed to make it to bed by 11pm and get ready to head to Koh Phi Phi the following day.


  1. I remember Koh Phi Phi having a bar called Reggae Bar and I think they did some pretty cool live Muay Thai fights. Who knows what they do now though....but beware of "buckets" of booze. Sun plus buckets = killer hangover :)
    Best snorkling ever though, eh?

  2. Yah we went on a long tail and spent the day snorkeling around islands near koh phi phi but everyone got stung by jelly fish but me cause I was rocking a rash guard